Audio Technica ATH-M50: Headphones Review

In this post, I am talking to you that you are using Blogger to PC and Smartphone and the best suggestions for bloggers for the best headphones. And in this article, we will review the latest headphones of the new textbook ATH-M50 by 2019 Audio. It is available at an amazing cost. It allows to read articles in detail about headphones.

Audio Technology ATH-M50: Headphone Review

Audio Technology ATH-M50: Best Headset Looking For The Best Sound Quality
And professional studio headphones with the best sound. And want to monitor under easy points, then check the technique of ATH-M50X. I really ran away from them. I will explain more about them, and what you can do.

Buildings and furnishings
First time on manufactured and manufactured goods. The ATH-M50x comes with a detachable earphone cable, but it also includes 3 cables. Respectively, 1.2 meters and 3 meters cable, plus 3 meters inches, inch inches in the adapter inch.
It also has soft pouches in which you can store headphones.
These backfords are locked with a very good installation from the external environment. The frequency response is 1528,000 Hz and 38 Oh resistance. So there is no need for preamp and custom headphones. Can also be used with your portable devices. But with the help of AMP headphones, it definitely helps you to open your voice.
It has a 90 degree rotation earcope. It can not be important for everyone, but it is very easy to move ear ears if necessary. If you are planning for DJing, then you will be very helpful. Earrings allow you to rotate them in a folder so that they can easily pack them into the included bag.
It’s very comfortable around headphones and ear headphones. I have been taking some good hours in the past few days and they are not suffering for long.

Sound quality?
This headphone is a very deep, accurate boss answer. I tested them with some EDM music and thought besides what was the boss, besides listening to sub-levels. This deep owner actually lends itself to insights types, such as EDM, except for rock types. The boss may have a little bit to listen to, but if you like the music you are listening to the boss, if you like music.
But this does not mean that the headphones are only for heavy music wear. I have heard about some typo music genres below and it is very well translated into headphones. There is a good isolation group in ideas and tiles. Eis had already used headphones where he stood and was very tight after a long trial. But there is a very neutral triangle set with our M50x, which makes it easy to listen for a long time.

Overall, I am very impressed with these headphones. You have heard a lot about them and are very happy to hear the work, do not expect. They do not do much about EDM and rock types, but they have not translated well for other musical genres. It may take some time to use the serious bass range, but this extra bass really helps if you are looking for a while, but with a frequency response, a clear and accurate bass frequency. This is a pair of great headphones to use as a secondary criterion source to create your own music, as you can check your mix.